Rp 498.000

THE HOLISTIC SEVEN (exclude ongkir)

Lesssalt skinfood is edible skincare that is made from all natural ingredients which you could use in cooking, so they are perfectly safe for your body, on the surface and even when it penetrates into your skin.

In the modern world, we usually buy things that are readily accessible but little that we know how toxic most of them are, yet we let them get in touch with our skin, which is the BIGGEST ORGAN of our body. We get damaged irritated skins without us knowing it, and it could get worse in the long run.

Lesssalt skinfood products are concocted with sheer passion in our intimate ‘kitchens’ (not big factories), using ancient traditional methods mixing herbs & spices harmoniously, cultivating all the nature beauty Indonesian has to offer.

At Lesssalt, we believe in the BEAUTY POWER of NATURE. All our products are hand made, without using any preservatives, artificial additives and synthetics.